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Plan your treatment at Stan.fysio

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Plan your treatment at Stan.fysio

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Bmetric fysiotherapie will continue as Stan.fysio starting from April 1, 2023.

Stan.fysio represents a practice with a personalized approach, individual attention, and a friendly face. We provide expert care and a wide range of treatments.
A happy life: means feeling good in your own skin, free from complaints, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our no-nonsense approach and the trusted relationship with our patients are always at the core. That's what defines Stan.fysio!

Jordy Essers
Physiotherapist, Lifestyle coach
BIG number: 39929546904

Stan Loo
Owner, physiotherapist, Running specialist
BIG nummer: 899159504


Price list:

Physiotherapy Consultation (30 min) .........................€38.50

Extended Consultation (30 min) .............................€38.50

Home Visit Consultation ........................................€49.50

Intake, Screening, and Examination .......................€49.50

Referral Intake and Examination ..........................€49.50

Standard Running Analysis (60 min) ....................€82.50

Comprehensive Running Analysis (90 min) ..........€148.50

Exercise Test (60 min) ........................................€82.50

Sports Massage (50 min) .....................................€60.50

* These rates apply only if there is no reimbursement available from health insurance. We have a contract with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands. If you have supplementary health insurance, you will receive 100% coverage for our treatment, except for the Comprehensive Running Analysis, which has a €60 co-payment.

Please note that the above translation may not reflect the actual pricing and policies of the specific provider. It is recommended to consult the official website or contact the provider directly for accurate and up-to-date information.

Under our new name, Stan.fysio, we hope to continue providing our patients with personal attention and care for a long time.In addition to our expertise in physiotherapy, we are also specialized in personal training, lifestyle coaching, sports massage, and running analysis.

Curious? Schedule an appointment for a complaint-free happy life.  Our physio's would love to personally meet you and introduce ourselves.

Jordy Essers

Imagine a world where you can move freely, pursue your passions, and lead a life filled with happiness. That's where physiotherapy plays a crucial role, as it enables you to move without limitations. And as a physiotherapist, I am here to coach you on this journey so that you can focus on what truly matters.

I believe that pain-free movement with long-lasting results can be achieved through a combination of physical, mental, social, and behavioral approaches. As a physiotherapist, I strive for an active and behavior-oriented approach to restore your full range of motion. This approach focuses on aspects that you can influence yourself, giving you a sense of control over your recovery. And I go beyond just recovery; I aim to improve your overall health through long-term lifestyle changes. This way, we can prevent the recurrence of issues. My vision of physiotherapy is focused on the future.

I am more than just a physiotherapist; I am your coach. As a therapist and as a person, I always seek the potential in my clients. What can you do, and what can be improved? What is your goal, and how are we going to approach it? What is your next step?

It gives me immense satisfaction when you are open to coaching, actively engage with the discussed topics, and ultimately achieve long-lasting results.

With me, you can expect an approach where we actively work together on your recovery and optimizing your health. I am here for you!

My main areas of expertise lie in sports rehabilitation (strength training), chronic pain, psychosomatic complaints, and lifestyle coaching (exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress). Together, we will take on these challenges and work towards a better version of yourself.

Let's embark on a journey towards a life filled with freedom, vitality, and joy!
Schedule an appointment with me now: book an appointment.

Sporty regards,
Jordy Essers


Stan Loo

Sports and movement are in my DNA. As a young enthusiast, I was a driven cyclist, immersing myself in training and races with joy and pleasure. At the same time, my curiosity for biology and physics awakened. The human body became an inexhaustible source of fascination. How does it all work? This question only intensified my thirst for knowledge. In June 2012, I completed my physiotherapy education, dedicating my life to my passions: sports and movement.

During my studies and early career, I worked for various physiotherapy practices. However, I soon realized that many treatment methods employed by my colleagues did not align with the high-quality care I wanted to provide. Symptom relief was often prioritized, with little focus on long-term sustainable solutions. Unfortunately, I frequently witnessed patients returning within a year with the same complaints.

These experiences planted the seed for my own practice, where an active treatment approach and personalized care would be central. Resolving and preventing complaints became our primary focus.

Now, it's time to put my vision into practice. I invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey. Together, we will move forward, with a focus on a healthy and pain-free life.

Are you ready to take the leap? Join us and discover the power of tailored treatment, focused on your unique needs.

See you in my practice, where Physical ailments have no chance!

Sporty regards,
Stan Loo


Praktijk Maastricht

Phone number 043-204 1909

Ambyerstraat-Noord 44A01
6225 EE Maastricht

Opening hours

Open all week by appointment. Including evenings

Praktijk Margraten

Phone number 043-204 1909

Pastoor Brouwersstraat 6A
6269 BP Margraten

Open hours

Open all week by appointment. Including evenings and Saturdays.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about your physiotherapist's treatment or are dissatisfied with how your physiotherapist has dealt with you, it is important to voice your concern. This is beneficial for yourself, other patients, and the quality of physiotherapy.

Where can you address your complaint?
Firstly, engage in a conversation with us. If you find it difficult to do so alone, you can bring along someone you trust, such as your partner, a family member, or someone else.
In addition, we are affiliated with the complaints and disputes procedure of the Royal Society for Physiotherapy.